About Sushi Zen

In 1994, moved to Savannah, GA. Started working in Japanese restaurants and introduced traditional Japanese food to Savannah. In 1999, he ventured on and opened up Sushi Zen Downtown on 41 Whitaker Street. In 2001, he went back to Tokyo to open another Sushi Zen. After that venture, in 2004, he decided to open another location on the Southside of Savannah at 1100 Eisenhower Drive. Coupled with these endeavors, he also went back and forth from Japan to America and taught at the Tokyo Sushi Academy in Tokyo, Japan from 2004-2006. In 2007, Sushi Zen, Downtown, was relocated to 30 MLK Jr. Blvd. Now in 2017, he decided to revamp the Downtown Sushi Zen and make it a different experience in the upstairs by mixing in a little Japanese tradition and a small twist of new school flare.


Meet Our Chefs

Owner - Kazumi Yoshimoto

(Started working in a traditional Japanese restaurant in Japan. In 1983, moved to Texas, then to Florida, then to DC, then to Ohio, then back to Florida all while working in Japanese restaurants.)


Downtown Chef - Yuichiro Ito (Ito)

 Worked in Japanese restaurants in Japan and in 2002 started working at Sushi Zen Tokyo. In 2003, came to Savannah and started working at Sushi Zen Downtown.


Southside Chef - Takayuki Okuda (Ben)

 Worked at a sushi restaurant in Japan and in 1999 moved to Savannah GA to work at Sushi Zen. In 2001, he moved back to Japan to work at Sushi Zen Tokyo. He came back in 2004 and now works at Sushi Zen Southside.

Exclusive upstairs dinning room for downtown
Sushi proficiency certificate
Google 4.7/5 rating